Danny Toney

Chief Operating Officer

Danny Toney is a Founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Signal Wealth Advisors, a financial advisory firm that coaches, educates, and helps clients navigate their financial future. Danny’s ability to balance the 30,000 foot view with the granular details of the day-to-day strategy and operations of Signal, ensure that Signal is on target to achieve its goals. Those who work closely with Danny appreciate his almost obsessive focus on details and organization, making him a great fit to serve as the integrator for the business. The most gratifying aspect of Danny’s role is empowering and supporting Signal’s most significant competitive advantage, its team.

Danny began working with Duane Toney in June 2011. In the winter of 2015, he experienced a pivotal moment that sparked the creation of Signal Wealth. Danny had the opportunity to personally meet and write an article about Ron Carson, Founder & CEO of Carson Group. Ron continues to be a powerful mentor for Danny. Signal Wealth is a partner of Carson Partners, a nationwide ecosystem of financial professionals dedicated to striving to become the most trusted for financial advice. In January 2017, Danny & Duane founded Signal Wealth Advisors. In November 2018, they joined forces with Thom K Hall Financial Group.

Danny graduated from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. His life was changed by a handful of professors who were willing to challenge the status quo, push him to think and act differently and to bring out the best in himself. He will be forever grateful for their influence on him.

Danny has been married to his high school sweetheart for almost 10 years and they have two young boys. When not working or spending time with his family, Danny is serving in his church, running, hiking, reading, or trying to learn how to take care of a yard.

Getting to know Danny

Favorite quote: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life, make the most of it. The past is bedrock, it is unchangeable, but the future is clay to be molded day by day.”

If Danny could meet anyone, past or present, it would be… Jesus Christ

Biggest accomplishment:  being a husband and father

Favorite book:  Tested in the Trenches by Ron Carson & Steve Sanduski

What motivates Danny? Progress

Favorite holiday? The build-up to Thanksgiving and Christmas